Interview With An Escape Artist 002: Mike Malas

Interview With An Escape Artist 002: Mike Malas

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Today we interview another local entrepreneur who supports himself (and his parents) by selling handmade soap.


I love how he looked at his skillset and said “I know how to sell stuff. I’m really good at sales.” And then looked for something that would synergize with that.


All too often, we have talents that we forget about because it is second nature to us. It’s like being trapped in the bottom of a well, but because we forgot that we have a personal jetpack. Or we refuse to try out the jetpack because we think “Oh, I’m not good enough”.


Mike bet big, and it’s paying off for not only him, but also his parents.


Don’t forget to stop by the show notes below the video and give his Facebook page a like. I personally use his soaps and find them to be an excellent alternative to the chemicals I used to bathe in.


Also pay attention to how his belief in their product fuels his actions. You can have the biggest opportunity in the world, but if it doesn’t thoroughly excite you, it is extremely hard to find the motivation to move forward.


It’s clear that Mike gets energy from his work, and that would be hard to do if his persona values didn’t line up with the product.

I hope you enjoyed the Interview With An Escape Artist!

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