Income Report July 2015

Wow. Sorry I’m cutting this report so late.
August has been a rough month. Numbers are down and I’ve been really driven to stay focused and make the business grow.
We’ll talk more about that next month, but having a “bad” month is key for keeping one focused.
Ok, so about July…
The Goal is to have a $20k October from my affiliate sites.
It’s going to be an impossible goal to hit.
I like impossible goals.

Income Report June 2015

Expenses are up — just as I predicted. Having 50 articles written in one month is not cheap.

I really don’t expect our next big income jump until November, but that is part of this business: work hard now, reap the benefits later!

Normally, we just write a payroll check, but we needed to get the funds transferred ASAP this month… necessitating a huge cash withdrawal

Thinking it would be neat to hold that much cash, I pulled the funds from the bank envelope.

The instant I had it in my hands, I suddenly

Income Report May 2015

The end of May marked a pivotal change for the company.
I ended the month by running down to Orlando to meet up with the likes of Kotton Grammar, Stephen Floyd, Mike Long, Joe Marfoglio, Greg Ortiz and about 50 other entrepreneurs at the Grand Rock Hotel. It truly was a meeting of the minds.
It was really great to see Kotton again. When I

Income Report April 2015

As I mentioned last month, we moved down to Florida. I’m sitting right on the intercoastal waterway watching sailboats go by as I type. I’m convinced it doesn’t get better than this.
The move ate up a good portion of April. We sold our house on the 13th, and then ran up to Illinois to see Grandma.

Income Report March 2015

I mentioned last month that one of the sites was doing nearly 100,000 monthly visitors. .I decided that one of the best ways to increase revenue would be to increase conversions on that site.

The end result as an additional $2,900 (approximately) a month in revenue from this property.

Income Report February 2015

I don’t know about you guys, but I love taking on new projects.
It’s like a disorder.
They call it “shiny object syndrome”. (Or ADD, maybe)
The challenge that I talked about last month is that there just isn’t enough time to get it all done

Income Report January 2015

Secondly, my income was growing really, really fast. In one year I went from making $3k a month in April at a call center to a $10k month in December of the same year. And it felt really weird — uncomfortable, even — to be talking about that. I’ve got to hand it to Pat Flynn. It takes guts to put it all out there every month.
I’ve grown more comfortable with where I am. And now that I have a CPA, it makes putting these posts together a lot easier.