Income Report June 2015

Income Report June 2015

These income reports are to inspire you on what is possible through an online business. In April, 2013 I left my job at a call center and launched on this incredible journey. 

June was a real “nose-to-the-grindstone” month.

Content Creation Systems

Following the trip to Orlando last month, I dug in and worked on our content creation systems. Me and the virtual assistants managed to add 50 articles to one website, and 240 products (with descriptions!) to another new e-commerce style website.

This is pretty remarkable when you consider that most of my income has only ever come from about 60 articles.

If we can get these sites ranking, we have very likely just doubled that income.

And what is even better  is the fact that we have some great systems in place. I hope to keep them running along at a lower level. Ideally, with these systems running on a part-time basis, we should be able to launch a new site about every 6 weeks.  That doesn’t sound like much, but when you calculate that each site should make about $5k per month, we’re literally looking at a million dollars in profit before I turn 34.

I’ll take that.

A Featured Blogger — a couple of guys who I greatly admire for their business-savvy and resilience — decided to do an “expert roundup”.

I guess I’ve made it to “expert” now.

It was an honor to be featured on the same page with the likes of Neil Patel and Nick Loper.

You can read my write-up, here:


A Change In Link Building

In Orlando a lot of folks were discussing some new trends in link-building and what works.

When I got home I started talking to more of my SEO connections and discovered that a lot of folks were seeing similar results –even if they had not realized it, yet.

In a nutshell, Google has finally adjusted their algorithm to where they are rewarding a lot of things (such as social) and are looking for more than just backlinks.

This change makes natural outreach more rewarding.

It also is enabling folks to rank their sites in less than 90 days, thereby bypassing the “Sandbox”.

So I took my research for the past 60 days and boiled it down into a 3-step plan to maximize on these changes. We are currently testing these new methods with our sites (so far, so good! up 30- 60+ spots on multiple terms!) and I did go ahead and cut  a training video for the Cubicle Houdini members so they could work on the latest information.

It is a significant puzzle piece and should not only keep us on top of our competitors, but also help us meet our customers where they are at. 


air musemIt’s important to remember that I am still on “vacation” (Until November). And, even through we worked more, we also took a lot more time to play. Right about 2 pm every day we’d run to the beach or go check out a museum.

I’m finding the nearby Aviation Museum to be absolutely inspiring…. whenever our country was “under the gun” we rose to the occasion with ingenuity.

There’s a lesson in there for all of us entrepreneurs.


I want to do a blog post on this topic, but I’m discovering that “focus” is the #1 secret to success.

And it is not just that we are “focused” but that we focus on the right things. 

This is a hard lesson for me. I have a feeling that if I ever went to a doctor, they’d have me diagnosed with ADD in a heart-beat.

June demonstrated to me (again) how powerful focus is. have you ever taken a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s energy? That’s focus.

You can start fires. Or pop the butts of ants like popcorn (don’t judge. I was a kid, once)

In June we absolutely  dominated the content creation.

And now, we have one more piece to add to our money machine.

I have probably 6 niche ideas that I would really like to start on, but it’s important to not only build out these incredible sites, but to get them found.

Plans For July…

So for July, the Virtual Assistants and I will be mostly focused on promoting the content we created in June. We’re already launching social platforms and reaching out to folks in our niche for guest blogging opportunities.


I am also enrolled in a  coaching program on monetizing paid traffic with a gentleman who is making 7 figures a year with his business. We had our first coaching call last week and it was literally like drinking from a fire hydrant to keep up with his information.  Learning this new skill should only take a couple hours a day, so I’m budgeting some time into July to complete the course. I feel like knowing both SEO and paid traffic could be a really good thing for creating more resilient cash flows.

A Life That Matters


60k Slaves In The US and 30 Million Worldwide

I don’t want to dive into this too much, but I’ve become very aware the past few weeks at just how blessed we are in this country.

For example, over 30 million people are trapped in slavery around the world (In fact, 99% of the chocolate sold in the US is harvested by slaves.)

And it has made me re-evaluate what is truly important to me.

I love having enough money that I don’t have to think about it.

But now that we’ve accomplished that, I’m much more interested in maximizing the time  I have with my family and the memories we can make together.

Just something to think about. We’ve banned all but a few brands of chocolates from our house. I’m not going to spend my money on helping to fund an industry that beats 10 year old boys under the hot African sun.  (I remember being 10. I shot BB pistols and built forts. It was a grand time.)

I know it is a drop in the bucket. But I’m really hoping that I can make this life count.

We’ve been given the hugest blessing, ever. I have no intention to squander my potential in front of Netflix.

Income Report

Here's 10 grandAll right, thanks for making it through all that!

Expenses are up — just as I predicted. Having 50 articles written in one month is not cheap.

I really don’t expect our next big income jump until November, but that is part of this business: work hard now, reap the benefits later!

Normally, we just write a  payroll check, but we needed to get the funds transferred ASAP this month… necessitating a huge cash withdrawal

Thinking it would be neat to hold that much cash, I pulled the funds from the bank envelope.

The instant I had it in my hands, I suddenly remembered the entire journey… from that fateful canoe trip where I thought I might drown (and finally decided which direction I was going to go), to our first successful site to where we are now: paying off an entire credit card with one paycheck.

It truly was a humbling moment. It’s only because we are so blessed that we can chase these goals.

Being debt free is a huge personal goal, and one I’d love to achieve in the next year.

Here’s the numbers:

Amazon Associates (May Earnings): $16,499

Other Affiliate Income: $670

Houdini Act One Income: $356

Total Earnings: $17,525 (+$937 Previous month)

Business Expenses: $6,965(+$2,137.00 Previous Month)

Net Profit: $10,560.00 (- $1201 Previous Month)

I created a system for driving traffic to sites and selling items to those customers for a commission. Like any good businessman, I’ve published my system for you to follow.


  1. Outstanding. Grats on a big month! Can you write a bit next about how you like to do outreach? Broken link building, resource page stuff, etc. Everyone has their own style right?

    P.S. the chocolate info was fascinating…so few people think past their wallet. You’re playing at a higher level.

    • Thanks, man!

      Yeah, right now I’m just Googling for folks who include “guest post” in their blogs and then reaching out to them.

      Pretty low level (and low-value) but easier to get and doesn’t take much extra time for some added link diversity.

      I’ll try to do a write up after I get it codified better.

      Yeah, the slavery thing gets me. I’m not big on boycotting, but we’ve got to start doing something and this is a big enough problem in the industry that I just feel uncomfortable eating chocolate and thinking about those kids.

  2. When you say business expenses do you mean you have to spend that much in hosting, writing posts of existing sites or investing in growing your current business by making new sites??

    • Yes, plus internet, office space, cell phone, health insurance, training (I buy courses all the time and spend a couple hours each day learning).

      My big challenge is keeping an eye on all those subscriptions and making sure that I don’t let one just drag on “because I plan to get around to using that”.

      On the personal income side, we are working super-hard to pay off our debts. Selling the house dropped us to about $45k in total debts and I think this month we got it down below $40k (moving to Florida was pricey, and slowed our progress some.). I’d love to be completely out of debt by this time next year. That dang $25k college debt I took out is a real pain to have chasing you around. 😉

      The current focus of business growth is
      A. Building and Ranking sites.
      B. Experimenting with a new, local business venture.
      C. Experimenting with paid traffic sources.

      Frankly, it is too much to have on my plate, but it keeps me entertained and engaged.

    • Thanks, man! Excited to be on the list!

  3. Hi,

    Amazing and really impressed with your online income report and it has inspired me to work harder.

    I’m a blogger from Malaysia and currently generating online revenue about $200 per month through Google Adsense and only joined the affiliate marketing recently. I really admire to be as successful as you.


    • Incredible work on the Adsense! If your niche has some products you can review and add to your site, that should be a nice boost via affiliate income! Keep it up. I remember those $200 months. They made me believe this is possible.

  4. An awesome report Quinn,
    I couldn’t have agreed more about staying focused. In fact, that’s the only thing needed in order to get things done.

    And its not just about being focused, the main thing is being focused on the right things and this is one problem most bloggers have. There are lots of distractions out there these days and this has made it really hard to live a very focused life.

    You did well in Jun mate, wishing you more ground breaking reports.

    • Thank! I still struggle with Focus. I’m a week into August and trying to launch into 10 different directions.

      My Virtual Assistants are keeping me mostly on track, through. which is needed.

  5. First off, its nice to see you thinking about a life that matters and secondly, i like the name cubicle houdini. It has a touch to it, especially after the oculus mask picture.

    • Thanks! The wife picked out the name for the site. She’s good with stuff like that.

      I definitely think having an Oculus would be fun. But I also believe that they will have a much bigger role in robotics and work simulations than they ever will in gaming. Just my thoughts.

  6. Congrats on this month earnings Quinn!

    I agree that focus is the key to success! Not only that, also loving what you do and keep targeting on your audience.



  7. Can you comment on the plausibility of someone from Missouri creating this level of success since Amazon affiliates are not allowed here?

    • It can be done, you’ll just have to use one of the other thousands of affiliate programs out there… even places like Sears and Bestbuy have affiliate programs so you can get a commission for selling their stuff.


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