Income Report July 2015

Income Report July 2015

Wow. Sorry I’m cutting this report so late.

August has been a rough month. Numbers are down and I’ve been really driven to stay focused and make the business grow.

We’ll talk more about that next month, but having a “bad” month is key for keeping one focused.

Ok, so about July…

The Goal is to have a $20k October from my affiliate sites.

It’s going to be an impossible goal to hit.

I like impossible goals.

A Facebook Distraction

facebook distractionI ran across a gentleman who offered to teach me Facebook ads for $1,000.

And, I honestly believe that ad-buying is one of the “waves of the future”.

His training has been awesome. Mostly because I don’t know the first thing about paid advertising.

He started me at the very bottom: Market research. Lead magnets. Tripwires. A/B testing…

And just went through every single step.

I have yet to make a profit, but that isn’t my main focus right now.

Right now I’m running a couple of facebook ad campaigns every week.

This is where I learn.

We all need a learning phase. Everyone wants to “make money”. But first we must LEARN how to make money.

It’s cheaper than college, after all.

So I hope that in the next 60-90 days I will have mastered his method and we will have a nice stream of income that is not dependent on Google.

That’s the plan, anyhow.

But that training ate up a couple of weeks, and many, many late nights as he stayed up with me until 1 am teaching me everything he knew.

I’m really grateful, dude. Thanks.

If you are interested, reach out to me on Facebook and I’ll put you in touch.


Chasing Shiny

Even when I try to get superfocused, sometimes I end up chasing shiny.

A lot of July was spent looking at “Domain Authority Stacking” (Diggity has a decent write-up on it).

And it’s cool, and I learned a lot more about “trust”, ways to build your site’s “trust” and how awesome no-follow links can be.

But, at the end of the day, it comes down to the need for more links from established domains.

Most of us get those via interviews, guest posting and private blog networks.

Unfortunately, I finally came to the realization that no matter how awesome an idea is, you’ve got to stay focused on WHAT HAS WORKED FOR YOU.

That’s actually a huge key.

Doing what you know.

We humans suck at learning new stuff and consistently doing it at the highest level.

I’m glad I learned — and mastered — these new techniques.

I’m learning — albeit slowly — that the basics will work if you let them.


August Focus

focusIn June we wrote a lot of new content.

I should have  ranked it in July.

So, right now, I’m pretty much desperate to get that content ranked.

And that is my focus.

(Hence the reason this post is so late)


Houdini Act 1

rollingindoughWelcome to all of the new members!

We have a few guys who are tearing it up like Tony Stark tore up his mansion.

I love seeing the action.

Some of their sites are looking so incredible.

We have 97 days until Black Friday .

And there are more than a few students who are putting in the effort that is going to let them bankroll like —->

I’m really hands-on with everyone right now to make sure we finish the year strong.

If you are a member, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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New Partnerships

vince vaughn partnershipThere are so many good opportunities.

I think the real trick is in finding A) a partner that you synergize with emotionally and B) one that brings talents YOU DON’T HAVE to the table.

So often I see 2 chefs partnering up to start a restaurant.

But… who is going to market that sucker?

I’ve made that mistake, myself (sorry Gene).

And that’s the downside. There are so many people who I would love to partner with.

Most of the time it is because I feel I could change their lives.

But I only have so much time.

And that’s why I have to learn the power of no.

You’l start seeing some of these incomes show up on the monthly report.

Ideally each partnership will be a 6 figure business by January 1.

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July Income Report

Affiliate Income: $17,671

Houdini Act 1 Memberships: $438

Costs: $6,650

Total Profit: $11,459

Costs continue to escalate. I’m running through expenses carefully and eliminating anywhere I can.

One thing I’ve realized is that I tend to pre-buy. So when setting up a campaign, I will buy ALL of the content and ALL of the videos I want shot (yes, I’m now paying folks to shoot videos for my sites. Never thought I’d see the day) and ALL of the supporting sites I need.

And then it may take me 4 months to start to recoup.

So one thing I will be trying is to only spend what each project needs for the next 30 days.

We will be starting this new focus in September, and I will be curious to see how it pans out.

We also have a lot of hosting that is renewing over the next few months and that is driving costs up, too.

Two years ago I was sitting in a cubicle.

Today I’m sitting on the beach.

Whether you are selling appliances, mowing lawns, or building affiliate websites I hope this report inspires you!



I created a system for driving traffic to sites and selling items to those customers for a commission. Like any good businessman, I’ve published my system for you to follow.


  1. Hey this is Rob from Germany, thanks for this article – maybe you should invest in your own greenscreen and video equipment to create your own videos.

    • Glad you liked it!

      But why would I need a green screen if I have an ocean view to shoot behind me? 😉

      That said, I invested in some better mic equipment this week so we can start raising the sound quality of the recordings. I never thought I’d have $500 in sound equipment just to shoot a video.

  2. Hi, does your system rely on building PBNs to make ypur micro niche sites rank and is that safe long term to do PBNs?

    • Yup! I do some white hat and some PBNs

      I feel that both are very safe and long term. PBNs may even be more so since you can control the sites.

      And they definitely give much faster results.


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