Income Report February 2015

Income Report February 2015

Wow! This year is just running away from me!

Licking The Plate Clean

houseforsaleI don’t know about you guys, but I love taking on new projects.

It’s like a disorder.

They call it “shiny object syndrome”. (Or ADD, maybe)

The challenge that I talked about last month is that there just isn’t enough time to get it all done.

So I’m really pleased to have gone an entire month without bringing on new work. My list of work to be done is shorter than it was at the start of the month.

That’s a first!

This is not only is a huge stress relief, it actually is inspiring me to work harder and faster because I can see “the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The biggest accomplishment is in getting our house on the market.  I spent at least a full week doing handy-man work and getting this place ready to sell. (We have even had our first offer on it! )

Hopefully, it will sell in short order. After it sells, we are thinking of finding a beach to live on for 6  months. Sort’ve an extended vacation, if you will.

We took some mandatory "snow days" this month to go sledding and drink hot chocolate

We took some mandatory “snow days” this month to go sledding and drink hot chocolate

The Houdini Act One course is also nearing completion. I may shoot the last videos today or tomorrow. What is really exciting is all of the little successes the students are having. Some of the folks have finished building their first websites. There are even a few who are already ranking in the top 4 pages of Google for their search terms!

It’s refreshing to see that the system is not a fluke.

Finally, I’m really blessed to have some new team members “joining” my business. I’ve stepped up the content marketing a little and am bringing on new writers (contract positions) who are eager to build  long term relationships. Sure, it costs me a tad more to do it this way, but I feel that the quality of the work we are putting out has improved .

In addition, I was able to get a family member to take on the roles of “site admin/editor” and she has done wonders for taking care of the huge backlogs of articles that we needed to upload to the affiliate sites.

I still manage the overall content strategy, but the team is the one taking these ideas and actually turning them into a resource for users. I think that is going to really help the business grow this year.

February Was An Incredible Month

January is artificially depressed due to site downtime from the hack.

These short months always make it harder to bring in good figures since we have fewer days to make money in.

However, I was really pleased to see that our per-day income numbers were a little higher.  So it still turned out to be a decent month.

What really excited me was that one of our sites had a much better month traffic-wise.

Now the traffic is a little bit hard to quantify since the site got hacked in January and I lost a few days of traffic figures. But what I do know is that it had just over 80,000 unique visitors in December and almost 95,000 visitors in February.  With the shorter numbers of days in February, that is even more impressive.

It works out to be a 30.76% increase, when adjusted for the difference in the number of days.

However, that traffic increase did not necessarily result in an income increase. In December, I earned 5.4 cents per visitor on this site. In February, that dropped to 4.47 cents.

Now, a drop is to be expected, anyhow. Christmas is always the best month.

But I also think the earnings per visitor is likely lower because of our current content strategy:

How Did We Get That Increase?

Some of it has to do with the new team work. The team is now adding new content to this site almost daily, and a lot of the articles are focused on answering long-tail, hard-to-answer questions. Not all of these articles are geared towards making money, but they do make the site more useful to our visitors …which needs to be the primary goal of any business that plans on sticking around!

In addition, I’ve noticed the site picking up some decent, relevant back-links from folks suggesting it in forums or referencing it in other online articles as a resource. These naturally-built links are what the search engines love to see and it underscores the site’s usefulness.

Going forward, I hope to grow the size of this site another 50% during the month of March.  Then, I have some ideas on how to improve our conversion rates, so we will tweak that and see if we can’t get our earnings per visitor figure to come up, too.

The income figures are also healthy, in large part because we finally got that Christmas check from a lot of those affiliate programs!

Amazon Associates (December Earnings): $17,036.64

Other Affiliate Income: $848.00

Houdini Act One Income: $145.00

Total Earnings: $18029.64

Business Expenses: $3621.82 (Higher CPA fees for tax filing and the purchase of a backup laptop replacement drove costs up)

Net Profit: $14,407.82

Last Month Net Profit: $8,156.27

The income figures below are calculated for the month they are received. Many of these commission payments run 60 days behind. So income shown this month was actually “earned” in December.   I currently maintain about 4-5 blogs that produce the bulk of this income.

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  1. Great work Quinton 🙂 Really impressed and inspired by your income.. Way to go!! Hoping to see you reach 50k figure soon 🙂

  2. Hey Quinton – first time here. Saw you post a link to this in the SPI Group on FB yesterday. Very nice income report! Looks like a cool blog too.

    Apparently, you’ve really got this Amazon niche site thing figured out. You state that most of the affiliate income comes from 4 or 5 blogs. Is that pretty evenly spread out? Or does the majority of the income come from 1 or 2 sites?

    Are you mostly just maintaining and growing your current sites? Or are you actively building out new sites too? Just curious – because I also have several niche sites and a main blog. Trying to maintain them while still working a day job is challenging – yet I always want to build out more new sites because I have so many great ideas.

    • Hey Matthew! Thanks for stopping by! Pat Flynn’s group is pretty dang cool.

      The income is pretty lopsided… mostly because when a couple sites started producing I focused spending more time on those. Right now we are going back through and taking care of the heretofore neglected sites and I expect them to be up there with the “top earners” inside the next 90 days.

      I’ve really slowed down on starting new sites and am trying to expand each site into major resource in their niche.

      But, I’m with you. At any given time I have a running list of 10 profitable niches I could hop into at any time. It is my goal to have 30 profitable sites built out before January 1 of 2016. Hold me to it!

      Maybe we can drag you out of your day job soon so you can play with sites all the time 😉

      • Hey Quinton – great site, like Allen it’s my first time here! Stumbled upon it from the Lost Cyclist blog which I check in on from time to time.

        Congrats on the income, looks like you’re doing really well with Amazon. I’m ‘hopefully’ about to sell my last remaining Amazon niche site – but this makes me want to build more!

        It’s funny you should mention to Allen about leaving his job…I JUST DID!

        I am 2 weeks into working for myself and I love it, best decision I’ve ever made.

        So Allen – you now have 2 people encouraging you to take the leap!

        Keep up the great work buddy!

        – Lewis

        • Lewis, it’s always an honor to have you stop by. This is only the second post over here, so you haven’t missed anything!

          Congrats on those site sales. It is my goal to build a lot more of these sites this year and then, ideally, cash out enough of them that I can pretty much fund my retirement. I’ve never sold one, so I’m always impressed by those who have successfully done that.

          Also congrats on making the leap! Are you going to be doing mostly freelance? You have to do a blog post about the transition!

          • Glad I caught you in the early stages then, always enjoy your content.

            I will be working on my own sites/projects I have managed to set up whilst part time. They are dong well but I couldn’t resist seeing what I could do if I went at them full time.

            Also working with Doug on a couple of projects, I think you know him!

            I will be putting a post out very soon on it 🙂

            • Mega Congrats on making that jump! We were only doing like $1500 a month when I left the day job. (Granted, we had scaled back the monthly bills to about $2100 and the wife and I picked up part time jobs).

              Going full time worked out well for us. I imagine it will do the same for you.

              Doug has a good brain. Anything you guys do together is bound to be a success.

              Can’t wait to see your post! Stay in touch.

  3. Seems you are rocking the niche site model Quinton! Loving what I see here. Makes me feel motivated to work harder. I so hear you on starting new projects. My word for this year is FOCUS hehehhee…I promised myself to not start a new niche site until my sewing site that I am working at the moment in your course earned $1,000. Hold me accountable! hehehehe…My target is by July this year. Doable?

    • Entirely do-able! I’m impressed with the restructuring you have done. I think it is going to really pay off.

  4. Wow you’re killing it with your sites man! Congrats!

    I’m looking forward to more awesome content here. Cheers!

    • I’m working on the content strategy right now. Going to try to get some real value for everybody!

      Good to have you drop by. Glad you are still chasing the game.



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