Income Report April 2015

Income Report April 2015

Wow! It’s is hard to believe that we are nearly at the half-way point for 2015!

This year must be running on rocket fuel. It is absolutely flying by.

The Move

new office on the beachAs I mentioned last month, we moved down to Florida. I’m sitting right on the intercoastal waterway watching sailboats go by as I type. I’m convinced it doesn’t get better than this.

The move ate up a good portion of April. We sold our house on the 13th, and then ran up to Illinois to see Grandma. It was a great trip and I used it as an opportunity to catch up with Gene Milman and his business partner, Michal, of Fast Lane Web Services

We’ve done some skype calls over the past year, but it was incredible to meet these guys in person. They are working their butts off (Gene had been up for 24 hours when we met) to grow their local SEO business. In addition to the web services company, Gene has always had a special interest in physical products and is working to launch a couple of side-startups that focus more on “real” products.

I found their ability to partner with others and outsource everything to be really inspiring.  My major take-away was that I need to outsource more. It’s something I keep saying, but I struggle with spending the money on labor when I can do the task myself. (I know, I know, it’s the opposite mindset from what I should have).

Arriving in Florida on the 20th, we fought through an extremely frustrating week of mishaps.

For starters, the condo wasn’t ready when we arrived. Our landlord was nice enough to put us up in the 12th floor Penthouse, but, with no internet access up there, it was nothing short of frustrating. They finally got us into the place on Tuesday night.

And Wednesday was fairly un-eventful as we unpacked and organized the house, but then on Thursday we locked the keys into the car, creating a little bit of drama as we figured out how to keep the kids cool and happy while we waited for the locksmith.

vehicle_damageFriday, the wife was coming home from the car wash, and a Jeep pulled out in front of her. It chewed up the front-end of our car pretty badly, and I got to spend the most of the next 4 days using taxis to get around, renting a replacement car on my own dime and fighting with insurance companies. (Thankfully she was not injured and there were no kids in the car with her)

Supposedly, they will have our vehicle repaired and back to us on the 15th, but I don’t think they are going to appreciate the diminished value claim discussion we will be having afterwards. (Something almost no one claims following an accident!) In the meantime, they finally got us an SUV for getting around town. It’s a little smaller than our old one, but we are making do!

It’s been a rough go this month, and while I’m thrilled to be down here on the beach, I’m going to be even more excited to re-establish a little bit of routine.


Weirdly enough, this one had me a little concerned. I had received some warnings in Google Webmaster Tools, and with the move, I had not found the time to correct the errors.

Since the penthouse didn’t have internet, I left the wife with the crying kids and spent most of the evening huddled in coffee shops trying to get everything “mobile ready”.

It turns out, that there wasn’t an actual “update”. I do expect mobile-friendliness to weight more heavily in the search algorithms, but, at the end of the day, it wasn’t the big game-changer that the Wall Street Journal was hyping it up to be.

Launching “Houdini Act One”

We held the first call last week.

We held the first call last week!

I finally opened the program for new members. It’s been exciting seeing these folks dive in and even more exciting to get their feedback and questions.

Going forward, the goal is to hold a “mastermind” call each month where we can ask questions and discuss current changes in the internet marketing world.

In addition, I’ll do a more in-depth training session on advanced internet marketing techniques.

Overall, I’m very pleased with what the program is. I think it’s one of the most solid systems I’ve seen since I’ve been in the industry.

Why is it called “Houdini Act One”There is more than one way to break free of the 9-5. It is my hope to partner with other successful entrepreneurs and release other Houdini Acts — step-by-step business plans — that readers can use to escape their current monetary situation. So for “Houdini Act Two“, we might do one on window washing, or appliance repair, or lawn mowing…

We’ll see where it goes.

But, for now, Houdini Act One is my step-by-step plan for launching a business like mine in 60 days. 


April’s Income

As my CPA worded it “looks like a steady, consistent month”.

And he sums up April very well. We have 3 major niche site projects in the work, but it will be 6 months before they pay out.

In some ways I find that very frustrating because I’d much rather have an “exciting month with good growth.”

In summary, I am thankful for a steady month and very motivated to keep growing.

Costs were a lot higher this month. For example, I double-paid health insurance and some of the travel this month was for business.

It is one of my main goals right now to laser focus expenses so that every penny is being used to grow the site.

Amazon Associates (February Earnings): $10,254.17

Other Affiliate Income: $1,038.83

Houdini Act One Income: $341.00

Total Earnings: $11,634.00 (-$2,531 Previous month)

Business Expenses: $4,540.00

Net Profit: $6,346.00

Last Month Net Profit: $10,501.77

Goals For May

For May, I am hoping to really focus on getting content up here on Cubicle Houdini. I know that was my goal in April, but with all the craziness, I just did not get that done.

How was your April? What would you change about my April (if you could). Hop into the comments and let’s talk about it!

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  1. If that’s the view you get to enjoy the rest of the year, that’s gotta help in easing the moving frustrations 🙂

    I like your plan of laser focused expenses to grow sites. That is probably something we should all be doing!

    I also share your delayed growth frustrations. I am working away on a few sites, and can only hope and expect earnings to grow at some future point. (But I want it NOW! Lol).

    Good month Q, steady is good, and you’re laying the groundwork for future growth.

    • The ocean breeze it what makes this trip worth it. I just go stand on the balcony and watch the waves and let that breeze hit me in the face.

      5 minutes later all the troubles are gone. 🙂

  2. Really nice to hear about your earnings. I know you make that with few sites. How long does it takes before the site starts earning from scratch?

    • I normally like to see a site making $1k by 6 months. From there it normally jumps again at the 1 year mark as the site ages. At that point, I typically will start adding new content on a regular basis.

      I do have friends in the industry who have seen success in under 4 months, but I think it really depends on the niche.

  3. Hey Quinton! It was great to see you in person as well! Look at all that happened in the last month and think about that you were still able to make over 6K in profit! You’re a tremendous success story, I wish you nothing but the best and I hope to see you again next year!

    • You as well, my man! Keep on being a ninja.

  4. Quinton, you’re my hero lol. It was awesome finally meeting you in person buddy. I’m super jealous of your move to Florida but also extremely happy for you. This time next year maybe we’ll both be in Thailand? Keep crushing it brother.

    • I would not be a bit surprised if we’re both there come January. Let’s see what the future holds!

  5. Wow, congrats! I recently started publishing income reports every couple of months and while my current results are nowhere near yours, seeing numbers like those above is truly inspiring!

    Do you ever share what the “other affiliate” programs are? Just curious as there are so many, and it’s interesting to see what works for different people.

    Great job!

    • Great blog you have! I wish I was the creative type. I actually try to take time each day to work on my creative juices. They are NOT honed.

      I hope to get my old income reports moved over from We started off with $4 a month I think. It’s been a journey. You’ll get there!

      On the old blog I used to break them out by program, but I finally decided to keep them private. In some of my niches I haven’t developed much of a “moat” around the web properties yet and I don’t want to endanger my family’s livelihood for the sake of being inspiring. Unlike most bloggers, I actually make my income off of working and not from some selling some course :p

      Not to mention, it saves me about an hour of book-keeping to lump them together 😀

      • I totally understand that. (Both the protecting your income streams as well as the time it takes up to break it all down.) That’s part of why I’ve only been doing the reports every other month for now, because it takes so long. I’m also hesitant to share any income details about other side-hustles or freelance work that I do in my reports because I still have a full-time day job. They know I have my own business, because I had it before I started my job (and frankly, it’s the whole reason I knew everything I did that landed me the job), but I’m hesitant to publicly include any specifics about earnings that could be seen as competition for my day job. I do want to leave eventually and be self-employed again, but I have a few specific goals I’d like to accomplish first.

  6. Awesome success this month, Quinton.

    How money total Amazon sites do you have?

    I only have 4 at the moment, and always struggle trying to decide whether to build out brand new sites, or just create new and related money pages (new verticals, basically) on my existing sites, since they already have some age & authority and can rank faster.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Hey Mike! Really enjoyed reading your income reports and the detail that you pour into them. Very inspiring for anyone who is in this business!

      Right now, I only have two main blogs and am getting a 3rd one up this month (content is up, now to promote it!)

      My goal is to expand each site to as close to the $10k per month mark as I can before listing it. So right now we are taking most of these sites to 100+ pages while simultaneously starting social promotions and building email lists for each niche. It’s my hope to turn each one into a well-rounded property that will sell for more than the typical 20-month x monthly income calculation.

      In some ways this method is more risky because I have to hold the sites for a longer time, but then, in some ways it is less risky because we are working to grow each niche site into an incredible resource that won’t be nearly as affected by SEO algorithm changes.

      Bottom line is… I can’t wait for payday!

  7. That’s a great “average month” for the affiliate income. I had a $1k affiliate month once, but never near breaking 5 digits. That’s something to shoot for!

    • I’m really blessed that it has grown this large.

      I’ve heard that creating your own product and pushing that instead of affiliate products often leads to better success. Have you experimented with that?

  8. Great to see you’re blogging again. It’s motivational to see you’re consistently pulling in 5 figures in revenue monthly.

    Just curious do you block OSE, ahrefs, majestic, etc for your PBN blogs? Or does that leave too much of a footprint?

    • Hey Larry!

      Sometimes I do… but then sometimes I forget to.

      Most people I know still block ’em, but it probably isn’t the end of the world either way.

  9. Hey Quinton,

    Just found you via Matts link roundup, and also saw you in the comments of the other sites!

    Interesting to see what you’re doing and how you are monetising etc

    We only started actually creating content for our site last month (All previous income was client work) but we decided to bite the bullet and actually put ourselves out there!

    The content has had some great feedback so far, and has lead to a few new leads (and great results for the clients) but we need to start building out some methods of making more than just leads!

    Will hopefully join you guys on the income roundup soon!


    • Client work is a good model. They pay you to build the system.

      I love the passivity of the affiliate site model, but it certainly takes longer to get it going.

      Combining the two? I think you have a killer combination, there!


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