Protected: Flippa Escrow Review …And The Misplaced $18,000

It had been 6 days since I had notified Flippa that the funds from my site sale were missing. I received this helpful response: “The funds should appear in your as the account number in (sic) the screenshot matches what we’ve sent out. If still not arrived, you need to contact your bank and ask if there are any incoming payments.” Uh… I was beginning to wonder if I was chatting with support or a chatbot. I mean, if I had the funds, would I be talking to you guys? But, let’s back up. Why did I choose to sell with Flippa? And how did they almost lose my $18,000? Selling A Site As A Growth Strategy 2017 was a rough year for me. The sites began experiencing lower traffic figures in October of 2016, and I was struggling to understand how to reverse that trend. In March 2017, the Amazon Affiliate program compounded my decreasing traffic problem by announcing that they were reducing their affiliates’ commissions by 45%. (AKA “Amazongeddon”). This “jab-uppercut” punch combo left me reeling and struggling to recover. I had less traffic, and the traffic I did have, was making 45% less money. After several experiments, I ended 2017 with a gameplan for turning the business around. I was just lacking the necessary capital to do so. Selling just one of my sites could deliver the immediate cash infusion the business required. I over-analyzed the decision for 2 weeks, and then picked one of the sites to list. Choosing Flippa Over Empire Flippers And FEInternational I’ve had many friends sell with Empire Flippers. And Shawna has...

My BetterHelp Review – 11% Growth In 10 weeks

(advertorial – affiliate links included.) I was pacing the floor. Again. The clock on the wall chirped. Why I ever thought it was a good idea to buy a clock that sings like a bird, I’ll never know. And right now it was a painful reminder that it was 3 am, my business was failing, family life was overwhelming, I was failing in my relationships as a father, husband and friend and I had lost all confidence in my ability to make decisions. Worst of all, I was alone. Just me and my demons. I poured a finger of whiskey and took two more melatonin. I had always sworn that I would never self-medicate. But this was the third night of little sleep. As the bird lock chirped again I stumbled into bed and collapse in an angry, sweaty sleep. Someone was chasing me. And I was being forced to jump to my death from this bridge to the shallow river below. There was no way out. They were closing in. Demons. The other day while driving past Yakov’s show in Branson, I joked that if my generation of artists don’t stop killing themselves, there won’t be anyone for me to watch in Branson when I’m an old fart. It’s so true it hurts. Every second of every day we interact with a growing number of individuals. Our every decision weighs in their judgemental balance. The pressure of being a celebrity has killed many a person. And now, the average individual lives out their lives as a “mini celebrity” in front of hundreds of people. It’s unnatural. And just...

Interview With An Escape Artist 002: Mike Malas

[Scroll down For Interview] Youtube Podcast Today we interview another local entrepreneur who supports himself (and his parents) by selling handmade soap.   I love how he looked at his skillset and said “I know how to sell stuff. I’m really good at sales.” And then looked for something that would synergize with that.   All too often, we have talents that we forget about because it is second nature to us. It’s like being trapped in the bottom of a well, but because we forgot that we have a personal jetpack. Or we refuse to try out the jetpack because we think “Oh, I’m not good enough”.   Mike bet big, and it’s paying off for not only him, but also his parents.   Don’t forget to stop by the show notes below the video and give his Facebook page a like. I personally use his soaps and find them to be an excellent alternative to the chemicals I used to bathe in.   Also pay attention to how his belief in their product fuels his actions. You can have the biggest opportunity in the world, but if it doesn’t thoroughly excite you, it is extremely hard to find the motivation to move forward.   It’s clear that Mike gets energy from his work, and that would be hard to do if his persona values didn’t line up with the product. I hope you enjoyed the Interview With An Escape Artist! Don’t forget to tune in Mondays for our Monday Morning Mocha Series! I escaped my day job with blogging. Start your escape with my system for...

Interview With An Escape Artist 001: Eric Johnson, Fleet Feet Sports

[[Video Below! Scroll Down!]] Eric and I have known each other for around 10 years. He’s always been a go-getting visionary with an insane penchant for running. And he figured out how to leverage his passions into an escape plan that is extremely fulfilling. As a fellow dad of young kids, I find there is a lot in his story that I relate to. Show Notes: Eric’s Blog Fleet Feet Springfield Eric’s team does a stellar job with their social media marketing. Check it out, here.  We’ll have the podcast links up soon for Itunes and Google Play. Or you can listen, here: Don’t forget to subscribe on your favorite channel! Interview With An Escape Artist series comes out every Friday. We focus on the “moment of escape” and the key decisions an entrepreneur focuses on during their escape from the day job. Liked This Podcast? Watch this week’s Monday Morning Motivation!  Ready To Escape Your Day Job? Click here to get started with my method for $1. Follow Me On Instagram For Daily...

Amazon Fee Change 2017 – The 11 Things I’m Doing To Come Back Stronger

Last Thursday, Amazon sent out their new fee schedule that is going into effect March 1, 2017, for their Amazon Associates. That Friday, I received three emails from bloggers about the change and what you should do. So why write this post? Because none of those bloggers have the skin in the game that you and I have. They sell services, or they sell sites. And they are diversified (as we all should strive to be). So their pain is lower. (Caveat, Perrin, And Gael put together a pretty good podcast discussion on the fee change before it was confirmed. I know that Perrin does well with the Amazon Associates program.) Getting Past The Pain (Biohacking Your Brain) Fear is the enemy. As Warren Buffet said this week in his annual letter: “Many companies, of course, will fall behind, and some will fail. Winnowing of that sort is a product of market dynamism…  During such scary periods, you should never forget two things: First, widespread fear is your friend as an investor, because it serves up bargain purchases. Second, personal fear is your enemy. It will also be unwarranted.” Right now there is some widespread fear. Frankly, I think the affiliate marketing bunch is a pretty resilient, optimistic crowd. We’re used to dealing with Google’s and Facebook’s whimsicalities on a monthly basis. We don’t scare easily. But, I also know that I’ve had my moments. They range from staring blankly out the window while my cursor blinks to trying not to snap at employees or family members over every little thing.   In order to move quickly past these...

A New Look At Content Creation For Affiliate Sites

For three years now, my method of generating content has been very straightforward: Find 5-6 Products. Review Those Products. Write the next page. It is an extremely robust system that continues to rank in the search engines and makes me money. It helps users decide what to buy, saves them time on their research, and delivers dollars into my pockets. However, as we come into the second quarter of 2016, I’m re-evaluating the entire business. Am I on the best footing? Here’s the shift I’m deploying in my on-site content creation — and the reasons behind it. Approval For Affiliate Programs Affiliate managers keep getting pickier. I’ve seen several people not approved for Amazon recently and their reason for denial basically says “if all of the advertising content was removed from your site, there would be no content left”. So — especially for the new people getting into the game — it is going to be critical that your sites are appealing to the product owners you will be applying to. Virality We have to ask WHAT DOES GOOGLE WANT? And, let’s face it. Google wants to be Facebook.  In fact, they recently partnered with Twitter. They want to have fun, fluffy pieces that people like, follow, share, tweet and blather over.  They want people to spend hours on their properties. But more importantly, they want pieces that people ENGAGE WITH and SPEND TIME ON. Now is this the best thing for our customers? I think so. Because, unlike that really cool piece on gun control that you shared and forgot about, when people actually spend 2-3 minutes on...

Income Report July 2015

Wow. Sorry I’m cutting this report so late.
August has been a rough month. Numbers are down and I’ve been really driven to stay focused and make the business grow.
We’ll talk more about that next month, but having a “bad” month is key for keeping one focused.
Ok, so about July…
The Goal is to have a $20k October from my affiliate sites.
It’s going to be an impossible goal to hit.
I like impossible goals.

Income Report June 2015

Expenses are up — just as I predicted. Having 50 articles written in one month is not cheap.

I really don’t expect our next big income jump until November, but that is part of this business: work hard now, reap the benefits later!

Normally, we just write a payroll check, but we needed to get the funds transferred ASAP this month… necessitating a huge cash withdrawal

Thinking it would be neat to hold that much cash, I pulled the funds from the bank envelope.

The instant I had it in my hands, I suddenly

Income Report May 2015

The end of May marked a pivotal change for the company.
I ended the month by running down to Orlando to meet up with the likes of Kotton Grammar, Stephen Floyd, Mike Long, Joe Marfoglio, Greg Ortiz and about 50 other entrepreneurs at the Grand Rock Hotel. It truly was a meeting of the minds.
It was really great to see Kotton again. When I

Top 5 Ways To Make An Extra $50 Per Day From Home This Week

If you read my previous article about avoiding online business scams, you might be feeling quite disheartened right now.   So, I wanted to take a brief moment and discuss five opportunities that virtually anyone should be able to tap into to begin making extra money this week.   One of the first things you need to do when starting a business – such as Internet marketing – is you will need to  come up with some seed money.   Even an extra $50 can make a difference. But where could you get an extra $50? $100?   I often play a mental game with myself. It goes something like this: if there was a gun held to my head and I needed to come up with an extra thousand dollars by the end of the month, could I do it? How?     Here are some ideas that I would try. All of these are areas that I have either had success with in the past, or have personally known folks who have succeeded with them.   Check them out!   LeapForce At Home   Leapforce At Home makes it to the top of the list because they are one of the only online job opportunities I know of that lets you work from home, and actually treats their employees with some respect.   The job premise is simple, you perform Google searches that they provide and rate the quality of the results. In exchange, they pay about $12 per hour (with pay raises after certain quality metrics and length of tenure are met) You basicaly help Google...

Don’t Get Scammed! The 4 Business Principles That Will Always Keep You Safe

I actually started my Internet marketing journey by looking for ways to “make money from home”. In all honesty, making money online has been an obsession for me since I was about 15. I’ve tried so many of the “opportunities”. Weirdly enough, the same “opportunities” that were being pitched when I was a kid are still being pitched today. Oh, they’ve changed the titles, and added new testimonials. But they are basically the same thing that they were 22 years ago.         I’ve Split These Scams Into 3 Categories For You: The Time Stealers     Something that blows my mind is how little we Americans value our time.   Let me demonstrate: yesterday was National Doughnut Day (Which, ironically is the day before the anniversary of D-Day). I made the mistake of stopping by Krispy Kreme.       There were people waiting 20 minutes for a free doughnut.     Assuming that their most expensive doughnut – with tax – costs $ 1.50, these rabid donut fans were exchanging 20 minutes of their time for a buck-fifty.   That’s $4.50 per hour. Now, tell me, who in their right mind would agree to work for $4.50 per hour? And I see folks do this all the time — in fact I’ve done it. We are so anxious to grasp at any little thing that promises us some sort of future, that we are willing to trade our time – the most precious thing we have – for minuscule amounts of money or pleasure. And these opportunity-sellers know that. They know they can get us...

Income Report April 2015

As I mentioned last month, we moved down to Florida. I’m sitting right on the intercoastal waterway watching sailboats go by as I type. I’m convinced it doesn’t get better than this.
The move ate up a good portion of April. We sold our house on the 13th, and then ran up to Illinois to see Grandma.

Income Report March 2015

I mentioned last month that one of the sites was doing nearly 100,000 monthly visitors. .I decided that one of the best ways to increase revenue would be to increase conversions on that site.

The end result as an additional $2,900 (approximately) a month in revenue from this property.

Income Report February 2015

I don’t know about you guys, but I love taking on new projects.
It’s like a disorder.
They call it “shiny object syndrome”. (Or ADD, maybe)
The challenge that I talked about last month is that there just isn’t enough time to get it all done