Top 5 Ways To Make An Extra $50 Per Day From Home This Week

If you read my previous article about avoiding online business scams, you might be feeling quite disheartened right now.


So, I wanted to take a brief moment and discuss five opportunities that virtually anyone should be able to tap into to begin making extra money this week.


One of the first things you need to do when starting a business – such as Internet marketing – is you will need to  come up with some seed money.


Even an extra $50 can make a difference. But where could you get an extra $50? $100?


I often play a mental game with myself.

It goes something like this: if there was a gun held to my head and I needed to come up with an extra thousand dollars by the end of the month, could I do it? How?

Most Motivating Scene In A Movie. Ever.

Most Motivating Scene In A Movie. Ever.



Here are some ideas that I would try. All of these are areas that I have either had success with in the past, or have personally known folks who have succeeded with them.


Check them out!


LeapForce At Home


Leapforce At Home makes it to the top of the list because they are one of the only online job opportunities I know of that lets you work from home, and actually treats their employees with some respect.


The job premise is simple, you perform Google searches that they provide and rate the quality of the results. In exchange, they pay about $12 per hour (with pay raises after certain quality metrics and length of tenure are met)

You basicaly help Google monitor themselves (One reason their search engine is so rocking — they were the industry leaders on this)


monitoring the google

What gets most people is the initial test. Leapforce sends you an ebook to read — with all of their instructions — and give you like two days to study it. Then you sit down for a super intense online testing session.


If you’re someone who can actually pay attention when you’re studying, you’ll have no problems.


I wouldn’t say the work is glamorous – in fact it is a little mindnumbing – but they do hire and they do pay (and they have fairly consistent work!). For a long time I would come home from work, have supper, and then sit down for two hours to make an extra $25.

When my day job started having ample overtime I just began spending an extra hour at work every night, and then wife applied for and began working with Leapforce instead. We were balling!



<rant>Any American who is graduating high school, should know how to write.</rant>


There are several platforms out there that provide a great place for you to put those writing skills to work.

Author. Old School Writer
My favorite for several years has been Textbroker. The writing was not too difficult, and I can make two cents per word pretty easily.


As long as I could crank out 500 words every 30-40 minutes, it was definitely worth my time (and how I started most mornings before work).


You can easily make more than two cents per word if you are an exceptional writer. And, by working off of freelance platforms such as upwork or ELance, I know people who make over $.10 per word.

Freelance writing can be an incredibly good gig and can actually serve as more than a stopgap measure. Check out Tom Ewer and Daniel DiPiazza for more information on hacking the world of freelance.

Reselling (Arbitrage)


One of my first business ventures was selling things on eBay. I would take the money from my paper route, go to auctions, and buy four or five pieces that I thought had potential for reselling.


This was the days before smart phones, and I was lucky to do a little better than break-even on most of my excursions.


Now — thanks to our smart phones — it is easy to hit garage sales, thrift stores, and auctions and easily evaluate whether an item has enough margin for to flip it on another marketplace.

ebay craigslist arbitrage

Garage sales have been exceptionally good for this. If I go to a garage sale and it has a washing machine, I can haggle them down on price, pick it up, take it home and clean it.


Then, I sell it on Craigslist for 2 to 3 times my initial investment. is an excellent example of a gentleman who has found financial freedom just from flipping appliances online.


And, while it has a slightly larger learning curve, you can often buy closeout stock from local scratch and dent stores and resell that stuff on Amazon. Jessica Larrew and her husband have created a six-figure business just doing that, but it is something you can literally start with 50 bucks and a free afternoon.


My rule of thumb is that if I am flipping it locally, I want to shoot for a 50% to 100% markup. If I’m going to flip it on eBay or Amazon, I like to make sure that I can triple my money in order to account for added shipping and seller fees.



Manual Labor


One of the most formative conversations I’ve ever had with a fellow entrepreneur was the discussion of services versus products. Services are something that you can start immediately. I can come over and mow your lawn this afternoon. I can clean your gutter tomorrow.

Manual LAbor

(Conversely,  if I want to invent a new kind of lawnmower or a new type of gutter cleaning system, it will probably take a while. And then I still have to work out the marketing and distribution channels)
So if you are anxious to start making money as an entrepreneur, I encourage you to offer a service.


During High School — when I was not busy hitting auctions or throwing my paper route (or in school) — I was mowing lawns. My brother and I canvassed a 20 block area on our bikes  with flyers.  We re-canvassed the same neighborhood probably five times that summer.


By the end of the first year we were doing about $200 per week for one day of mowing. (We’d pedal from job to job, dragging the mowers behind us)


Of course, come winter time we flipped most of our mowing customers into our snow shoveling service. (The benefits of living up north).  And, once a week in the fall we’d rent Grandpa’s ladder and do a gutter-cleaning special. I hated carrying that dang ladder everywhere.


Mowing. Oil Changes. Pressure Washing. Cleaning. Childcare…

Almost any service will work for this. (Teeth removal?)


Thanks to the Internet, there are a lot of great places you can now advertise your service. You can use Craigslist to advertise for free, list your service in appropriate Facebook forms, or pay for a small section of Heck, you can even build a website on Go Daddy for about $20 (not that you’d need to. Unless you know SEO, it won’t rank easily).



Medical Billing/Transcription/Proofreading


I am going to put this one down here at the bottom. I have known a few people who’ve done very well in this, but is not as easy as all of the sales pitches would lead you to believe.

This Meme. Much Funner Than Medical Billing or Transcription

This Meme. Much Funnier Than Medical Billing or Transcription


The folks I know who do medical billing from home, either got lucky and finding a small dermatology office that was desperate for a billing specialist, or they work for a major corporation such as United health, and after enough years tenure were allowed to work from home.


Medical transcription is actually going the way of the dodo bird. In the same way that I transcribed all of my blog posts, doctors can now transcribe all of their notes. They don’t need you. However, if you are still interested in this field you will need to complete a training course, and then fight to get hired for menial wages at one of the local hospitals. After enough years proving yourself at the hospital, and applying endlessly for the online jobs you can get lucky and work from home where stringent line per hour requirements are strictly observed


The final avenue that you often see promoted is medical transcription proofreading this is excellent, because it does not require any skill set other than a good command of the English language. In fact, I would daresay that it is easier to become a medical proofreader than it is to write content (and writing content is one of the easiest online gigs I know of).


With ease comes more competition from your fellow would-be employees. However, if you are interested in applying, I have had several relatives work for Global MT. (Just beware, they are prone to firing people for made-up reasons).


I know there are other transcription proofreading companies out there, too.


Here are 5 Ideas, But The Sky Is Truly Your Only Limit

Find a need. Fill a need.

I’ve noticed that some of the best opportunities go to those people who are willing to talk to local businesses and find out what tasks they might be willing to outsource to a freelancer working from home.


But if you want to know what I would do if someone held a gun to my head and told me to make an extra $50 per day …. I would first apply for Leapforce, and write for TextBroker to fill in the gaps until Leapforce started. That would be my night-time gig.
During the day I would go blanket the town with my lawn mowing flyers.


Finally, would take the cash from those endeavors and start buying items to resell on Craigslist Amazon and eBay – just like those other 6-figure families are doing.


In other words, financial freedom is probably a whole lot closer than any of us think.


To your escape

Hi! I make a full-time living in my underwear on the beach. (As soon as I get a Ferrari I will be the ultimate cliche) Click Here To Copy My $15k/month Business System

Which Of These Job Opportunities Have Worked For You? Which Ones Turned Out Horribly? Share your Story With The Other Readers By Commenting Below!


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