How Long Does It Take To Make $1,000 Per Month On An Affiliate Site?

Last week I sold my last major affiliate site.

Enjoying the Austin sunset with Rob and Taiss from their balcony.

While this gives me a solid chunk of change, lets me pay off several large debts and provides me with the money needed to launch new sites, it is unnerving in that the business is currently not making a profit.

After a refreshing trip to Austin to brainstorm with an old mastermind buddy, I’m energized and ready to make some moves.

As a newbie, I’ve always wondered how hard it would be to make this business a success, and I think it would be fun to create a running journal that chronicles the launch and growth of a new site.

Curious how long it takes to get this site to $1,000 per month? So am I!

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Let’s Get Started.


Back from Austin. I spent 6 hours looking closely at my niche site ideas. Rob loves finding some keywords where the competitors are ranking with sites that are a DA 30 or lower (see Rob’s complete guidelines, here).

This stricter criteria meant taking a few ideas off my list. I still think that they are solid, long-term plays, but I’d like to get the cash flowing quickly, so I’ll return to those, later. I think they will need 12-18 months to make good money.

Of the remaining niche ideas that are “easy”, several of them are seasonal, one of them is in a spammy niche that I’m not convinced I want to play in and some of the niches are more narrow than I want to confine myself to.

I’d love for this site to grow into a $50k per month Affiliate site, so I’m going fairly broad.

Tonight, I purchased a domain and ordered a logo from Fiverr.


I always overthink everything. Today I scheduled time just to allow myself to overthink this niche I’ve chosen.

My goal was to find several sites with a Domain Authority of less than 40, but that also had over 20,000 monthly organic traffic from Google as demonstrated by Semrush.

When my timer went off at 4 hours, I had found a handful of sites that meet this criterion. I am more confident that I’ve made a good choice in this niche, and that I am ready to move forward with deployment.

Now, as a distraction: I have an old (2013) site that is making about $100 per month. It used to generate $1,000 per month. I’ve built about 20 links to it in the past 4 months, but it has not increased in it’s Google position. I am curious if it is being held down by Google due to poor on-site content quality.

I’m scheduling the next 70 hours to dive into this and revamp the entire site.

If it works, that 70 hours will be worth about 12,000. If it doesn’t work, we can guess that I either don’t understand content quality or that there is some other SEO filter in place.


The problem with using gigs is that you end up with too many logins.

Just completed an IFTTT social profiles setup (basic):

The site is live with basic placeholder content on the homepage. SSL is installed.

Looks like I’m already indexed in Google for both the site and some of the social profiles.

Google voice phone number created and added prominently to the site (for now).


Starting to generate some content. Got up at 4 am to get some content written before the kids got up.  I have about 2k words written so far, but I need to get it edited and on the site.

I’m also in talks with some freelancers on Upwork to see about getting some help with this content generation. Every day that goes by without content is another day that this site isn’t aging in Google.

We all know that age = trust.

Tonight, I also hopped on and ordered cheaper content for a four web2.0s (like that I hope to build out for the property’s branding. I’m thinking about 2k words per web 2.0.


As we round out the new year, the site has 12,000 words on it and 6 articles.  Only two of those articles are indexed in Google and the site is not even ranking for brandname (although it does show up for

The Facebook page is running at about 1,200 likes and has been the only source of traffic to the site.

The Twitter account is not responding to my promotions efforts and is stuck at 30 followers, despite ad spend.

The Pinterest account got locked out for being a spam account. Putzes. I think I’ll let that lie for now.

I have a stretch goal of 160,000 words on site by the end of January. Doubt I’ll hit it, but I’d be pretty thrilled with 90,000 new words in January.

There are currently no affiliate links on the site.


The word Count on the site has not changed, although I’m sitting on about 20,000 outsourced words that need to be edited and set live. I hope to have those pieces live by Wednesday, and, with an aggressive push, I can get the site to the 40,000-word mark before the 12th.

I went through the Fiverr IFTTT gig and deleted every profile that hasn’t been indexed by Google.

…With two exceptions: The Tumblr and Weebly haven’t indexed yet,  but I went ahead and kept those and added the content that I ordered from Ineedarticles to all of the blogging platforms.

So there is a Tumblr, Weebly, Blogspot, and WordPress that are all branded and they link to my site. They also link to all of the social media accounts and to each other. Over the next 8 weeks, there are 3,000 words scheduled to go live on each.

The site is appearing for brandname com, but is only on page 4 of google for  brandname.

Google Search Console is not installed on the site, and Clicky is used for Analytics.

One more note, I ordered a Google My Business location for this site from The listing isn’t showing up in the maps at all, so I’m not sure that buying a GMB location was the best idea. I’ll fiddle with it some more.  It probably not needed for this, but with all of the E-A-T nonsense, I thought it might be fun to have.


The new site began ranking for ‘brandname’ today.