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Quinton Hamp Blue AngelsOn April 15th, 2013, I took off my headset and said goodbye to the last corporate job I am ever likely to have.

Over the ensuing 9 months, I reduced my need to work to about 6 hours per month and doubled my take-home income.

That’s the cool part of the story.

Your Roadmap To Freedom

When I was starting out, there weren’t many folks blogging about their success online. I will forever be thankful for folks like Pat Flynn, Alex Becker, Claire, and Spencer Haws who took the time each month to share their tips.

Their blogs gave me hope.

Truth is, we live in an age when it is possible to impact more people than ever before with your product, messages, and services.

It is easier than ever to use your mind to create an unlimited income stream.

On my journey I have met hundreds of successful entrepreneurs. Some create their own products. Others provide a service. Others provide information. All of them are using their God-given skills to write a beautiful life-story.

At Cubicle Houdini I have 3 Goals:

1. Share with you my story and tips on how I was able to create a mostly passive income through blogs.

2. Share other entrepreneur’s stories so you can be inspired as to how feasible it is .

3. Create step-by-step “escape plans” that will give you everything you need to know to start a successful business — whether that is mowing lawns or selling on Craigslist.

To Your Freedom,